2D cutting

The Pedilas laser systems from Held Systems are used mostly for large format 2D processing. Thanks to the modular design, the systems can be easily adapted to individual customer specifications. Either CO2 or fibre-guided beam sources are used. The Pedilas system architecture can be combined with various loading systems such as the shuttle tables, through-loading systems, and revolving grate systems offered by Held Systems. Held Systems also offers welding functionality for these systems.

2.5D cutting

Our 2.5D laser systems are based on the modular system of the 2D Pedilas systems but extended to fives axes. This allows the systems to produce non-linear bevel cuts for weld edge preparation. A special optical system minimises the compensating movements in the bevel cut so that the dynamics of the systems correspond to those of 2D systems. Depending on the travel of the Z-axis, these systems can also be operated as either 3D or 3.5D systems. We also offer a welding functionality for the systems.

Travel of the axes

X = up to 20,000 mm (travel: Y-bridge via X-beam)
Y = up to 5,000 mm (travel: Z-axis via Y-bridge)

Longer travels according to customer requirements