Coil laser blanking system

Coil laser blanking gives our customers numerous advantages over conventional punching processes.
  • Material savings through the better use of the sheet metal coil. Either when cutting directly from the coil or producing nesting-compliant blanks by means of a non-linear separating cut, this results in a cut-to-length laser system
  • Greater flexibility in part production. Compared with the design and construction of a punching tool, only the creation of a cutting programme is necessary. Subsequent changes in the component geometry can also be easily implemented.
  • Dispenses with tool maintenance and offers short set-up times
  • Also dispenses with a pit as a material buffer or complex foundation work
Held Systems develops and produces coil laser blanking systems adapted to the customer’s requirements. A highly dynamic Cartesian axis system combined with fibre-guided lasers ensures high productivity. Likewise, laser types other than CO2 lasers can be used if this is required for the materials to be cut. The axis system is modularly adaptable to working widths and lengths. This allows Held Systems to react flexibly to customer requirements and wishes when designing the respective system. The cutting system can be combined with different material transport systems. This allows Held Systems to cover different market areas and tasks.

Cut-to-length systems

With the cut-to-length systems of Held Systems, blanks specially adapted to a material nesting can be produced by means of a flexible, non-linear separating cut. A higher material utilisation is thus possible.

The cut-to-length laser system can be integrated into an existing infrastructure at the customer’s site or purchased by the customer. A complete system with conveyor, material transport, and cut-to-length and removal system can also be purchased from Held Systems.

The cut-to-length system itself can also be equipped with several cutting heads for higher output.

Coil laser blanking system

With coil laser blanking systems from Held Systems, components can be cut directly from the coil. The cutting system and the material transport system can be easily adapted to the customer’s requirements in terms of working width and length. The system can also be equipped with one or two cutting bridges. This can also be done later in the field so that the initial investment for a production start-up is reduced but a later expansion of the production capacity is possible. The systems are also suitable as through-feed systems for blanks. The combination as a platinum continuous and coil system is also easy to implement. Here, too, Held Systems can offer the conveyor system before the laser system as well as the removal system after the laser system. Likewise, integration into an existing system or even integration into the customer’s preferred conveyor systems and removal systems is easily possible.

Laser blanking for scratch-sensitive materials

With our specially developed belt conveyor system for scratch-free conveying, the machining of outer skin parts for the automotive industry is also possible.