Contilas laser cutting system

The Contilas laser cutting system was developed for the efficient and high-quality cutting of single-layer technical textiles. It is based on remote laser cutting technology. Thanks to the additional use of redundant axis systems, it has outstanding dynamic values with high precision.

The Contilas system is modular and can therefore be easily customised. Different standard widths (2,500 mm, 2,800 mm, and 3,100 mm) as well as specific additional modules can be realised. For example, a specially developed camera system detects reference optional marks on OPW fabric and automatically adjusts the cutting contours to the position of the marks. The output can be doubled by using a second cutting unit, including beam source.

Held Systems also offers extensive quality assurance and automation options to help you increase productivity.

In addition to airbag fabric, the system can cut fibre composites (GRP, CFRP) as well as cardboard and paper.


Contilas removal system for OPW cushions/curtains

Thanks to the automatic removal system for OPW bags, the finished airbags are automatically stacked behind the Contilas system. The cutting process is thus made even more efficient. The removal system can be readily switched from automatic to manual mode. This means that the parts can be removed manually. For example, for small runs.

The module is integrated into our quality assurance system. This makes it possible to eject parts marked as defective.

Printing and marking system

Complete traceability facilitates the quality assurance of the cut parts for our customers. A printing system or a laser-based marking module is used to individually label the airbags. The code is stored in a database together with additional customer-specific information. This allows all relevant data (e.g. machine number, roll number, and cutting time) to be stored.